This began as a rebrand project for AMC Theaters, but I was given loose reins and a lot of creative freedom, so I ended up changing quite a bit about the company.
I chose to dig into the history of AMC Theaters itself. They began in Kansas City, somewhere with a rich history in film, and laden with art deco influences. With that being said, the overall aesthetic I was looking to achieve was based around art deco and the earlier days of the golden age of Hollywood. A lot of my references for style and pattern come from Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass art.
In addition to this stylistic rebrand, I also chose to kind of gut AMC. I renamed it to the American Center for the Arts, a creative hub for artists nationwide. Rather than just screening movies, the space will be used for artistic exhibitions of all practices. The bar formerly known as the MacGuffin will be changed to Faute de Mieux, a speakeasy themed lesbian bar.
Given the time period I was referencing, it felt right to pay homage to just how queer the Prohibition Era was. It's not something that's taught in history classes, and the lesbian community is largely underserved in the present day, with fewer than 25 lesbian bars remaining in the United States.

A moodboard & a few of my initial sketches.

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